Ethical Humanist Society of The Triangle

Our calendar below is shown in reverse chronological order by month; each month will show dates in customary ascending date order.  This will provide one place for everyone to go to view current and prior calendar entries.  It also provides easier administration by the webmaster. :-D

All programs are at our customary meeting place, Extraordinary Ventures, unless otherwise noted.  We meet from 1:30-3:30 every Sunday unless otherwise noted.  All of our meetings are free, and open to the public. The months for 2014 below are shown as the most recent first.  Our programs for prior years can be viewed here.


February 1

EHST Leader Randy Best will speak on Ethical Humanism (aka Ethical Culture).  He will define it, review some of its history, and indicate where it is going in the future.  This is a good refresher for members, and a great introduction for visitors who want to know more.

February 8

Marshall Brain will speak about his new book How God Works.  Marshall Brain is best known for his book How Stuff Works.  He has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, the Dr. Oz Show, CNN, MSNBC, and Modern Marvels.  He also teaches the Engineering Entrepeneurs Program at NCSU.  He also speaks regularly at the Secular Together Sundays sponsored by the Triangle Freethought Society.  He lives in Cary, NC.

February 15

EHST will celebrate Darwin Day with a talk by Nichelle Reed, a PhD student at Duke University in evolutionary anthropology.  She will talk about what evolutionary anthropology is, and  how Darwin’s theories influence that field.

February 22

EHST member, Delores Eaton, will speak about the experiences that she and her late husband, the Rev. Herbert Eaton, had during the early 1960s in the struggle for civil rights in Montgomery, Alabama.   Rev. Eaton succeeded Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama.  The Rev. and Mrs. Eaton were at the center of many of the civil rights struggles we take for granted today.


January 4

Randy Best, EHST Leader, will speak on “Bringing Humanism to North Carolina Prisons.”  The talk will focus on his relationship with a prisoner in the NC Department of Corrections who has been reaching out for the last 2 years to have humanism included in allowed “religions” by the prison system.   By so doing, the system would allow him to hold meetings where prisoners of like mind could attend and share their interest in and support of humanism.  The American Humanist Association has recently taken the lead on this effort!

January 11

Local musicians, Helen Wolfson and Eric Thomas, will provide a music based program which will explore how music can be inspirational for humanists as well as express the joys and sorrows of the human condition.

January 18

EHST will have a community day program today, one of several during the year.  We will be focusing on activities which will help our members and our friends build our ethical humanist community.  This will include small group discussions, and music, and possibly singing.

January 25

EHST will hold its annual business meeting.  The board will present its budget for 2015, and slate of officers for 2015.  Members are highly encouraged to attend, and friends and visitors are welcome as well.  Only members can vote, however.

The Bellwether Book group will meet at 3:30 at the Chapel Hill Public Library (meeting room D) to discuss the book: What’s God Got To Do With It? Robert Ingersoll on Free Thought, Honest Talk, and the Separation of Church and State by Tim Page. The meeting is open to the public.

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    a humanistic congregational community promoting the cultivation of ethical values founded on reason and science and inspired by the love of humanity.