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The Supreme Court ruling on Hobby Lobby is being hailed by the political right as a victory for religious freedom, and by the political left as a slippery slope down on the way to religious tyranny.   Americans United for […]

At the 2014 American Ethical Union Assembly I conspired with Kate Lovelady and Paulo Ribeiro to give the Platform adress.  Attendees at the assembly received random amounts of play money in their registration packets.  They quickly found 3 candidates, Kate, […]

In these divided, deeply polarized times, there is a rare bi-partisan effort to fix our broken political system, at least with regard to the practice known as "gerrymandering."   In North Carolina some Republicans and some Democrats are working on […]

Dear EHST Members and Friends - Today was a very good day for me. My letter to the N&O, responding to Ross Douthat's Column bemoaning the loss of liberty to those who are no longer allowed to discriminate against LGBTQ […]

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