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It was my recent pleasure and privilege to attend the International Humanist and Ethical Union’s [] 2014 General Assembly (GA) in Oxford, England. This event was held in conjunction with the 2014 World Humanist Congress. The GA is the meeting where the […]

Mandisa Thomas will speak to EHST on September 14th at our regular meeting via Skype.  She will address how modern atheism-humanism can reach out to attract a more diverse range of nonbelievers. Mandisa Thomas is a founder and President of […]

Felix Adler, who helped found Ethical Culture over a century ago, said it was a religion for those who are religiously inclined and a philosophy for those who are not (and today “spiritual” might better capture what the phrase “religiously […]

A fundamental philosophical question for those of us who do not base morality on a deity is what to base it on instead. One possibility is to try to base ethics on science. Certainly scientific knowledge, along with other kinds […]

Humanism is my "religion." There are no supernatural agents to appeal to for help. To quote Alder "We are to regenerate society primarily by regenerating the one individual member of society for whom we are responsible [ourselves]."

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    a humanistic congregational community promoting the cultivation of ethical values founded on reason and science and inspired by the love of humanity.