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I have been thinking about the categories that I use to place other people in neat little boxes. Do I come by my tribal attitudes naturally – as part of an evolutionally acquired trait that encouraged survival – or is […]

EHST Member Kwame Teague, who is incarcerated in the NC prison system, sent me a video appeal for Reparations that he made for President Obama. I think that this powerful video is worth seeing and it is linked in this […]

In James Coley’s, Taking on the Sins of Our Fathers, a response to my earlier blog I am a Racist, he dismisses my assertion that I am a racist as unfounded, defying common sense and a feckless exercise in a white […]

Randy Best, the Ethical Leader of the EHST, wrote a post on this blog declaring himself a racist. One of my comments on that got way too long, so I am posting it here instead. Randy wrote in a comment that […]

I am a Racist. I am a person whom society labels as white. I am a person who thinks of myself as white. Society considers Black and Latino people to be “not white”. The definition of white is fluid and […]

Over the last couple of years I feel like I have been careening from one outrageous uniquely American tragedy to another. These often involve race or gun violence and all too often both. I see horrific state violence directed at […]

Here is an interesting article about what it is like to teach evolution at a place where a lot of people, I would say, are blinded by religious prejudice and irrationality. My thanks to our Ethical Leader Randy Best, and Jack […]

A fundamental philosophical question for those of us who do not base morality on a deity is what to base it on instead. One possibility is to try to base ethics on science. thesis statement Certainly scientific knowledge, along with […]

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