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The statement below is from our national organization, the American Ethical Union… The core belief for Ethical Humanism is that each person is unique and worthy and irreplaceable. Our core aspiration is to live in such a way as to […]

Dr. Offit provides the reader with the modern history of this “bad faith” reasoning covering in depth the wins and losses of those who care about children’s welfare, including the politics of this issue from the late 1800s when Christian Science was founded until 2014. It is a well researched and well written book.

I am posting this piece sent to me by Tarajee Ali. Do Black Lives Matter or All Lives Matter? If you are mentally assessing or viscerally weighing a reasonable response, then you’re being unreasonable. It’s a false dichotomy. Of course […]

Part of the reason that I come to the Ethical Humanist Society is to be with like –minded people. This is a very human need for communion with others and community. But there is a dark side to this human […]

On February 28th Tarajee Ali spoke to us about how a new collaboration between blacks and whites could help our nation form “A More Perfect Union.”  She has provided the text of her talk to us, and given her permission […]

On Sunday (2/21) I gave a talk at our meeting about the “Put Kids First” campaign sponsored by the Secular Coalition of America.  The slides for the talk are here, and are mostly self explanatory; there many links including anti-vaxer links […]

A fundamental philosophical question for those of us who do not base morality on a deity is what to base it on instead. One possibility is to try to base ethics on science. thesis statement Certainly scientific knowledge, along with […]

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